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your favorite is, carl. i'm not going to say anything. >> what strikes you, of all the numbers we're looking at today, what's important? >> i would say probably the claims numbers just because they're the most timely and they suggest the labor market's not great, but it's hanging in reasonably okay like 100,000ish type of jobs. but the numbers aren't great. things look very mixed, at best, and it looks like europe definitely hurt capital spending. certainly impacted aircraft. and it's impacting capital spending. so there is -- it's a very skittish, very fragile environment. >> yeah. obviously, the q2 gdp numbers are old, a little dusty here, but they do not show any acceleration which is what we're trying to find clues to in the back half of the of the year. >> i think what happened is europe had a much bigger effect on business sentiment than many people thought. it's been dampening exports and capital spending which is what the durables reflect. as we moved through the summer and stabilized on europe, normally we might get some acceleration. the problem frou is you have the fisc
to press it down, the long says it represents great value. carl, the proof is in the pudding. the stuff ain't selling. i don't care what you put on the dog food, if the dogs won't eat it, it don't matter. >> you have said that before. a number of companies going public this week truly will ring the bell. we'll talk to them after a short break. [ male announcer ] what if you had thermal night-vision goggles, like in a special ops mission? you'd spot movement, gather intelligence with minimal collateral damage. but rather than neutralizing enemies in their sleep, you'd be targeting stocks to trade. well, that's what trade architect's heat maps do. they make you a trading assassin. trade architect. td ameritrade's empowering web-based trading platform. trade commission-free for 60 days, and we'll throw in up to $600 when you open an account. ♪ >>> take a look at the opening bell there on this 20th day of september. the month of september, if the dow holds these gains, will have been up for seven of the last nine years according to s&p yesterday. it used to be the september swoon, danger zone
york stock exchange. good morning. welcome to "squawk on the street." i'm carl quintanilla with melissa lee. jim cramer, david faber have the day off. david greenehouse riding shotgun with us this hour. take a look at futures. busy week of data, earnings and some fed speak shaping up here stateside. european stocks meantime retreating from some 15-month highs as the spanish bond auction environment this week ventures out to the long end of the curve. >> the markets, multiyear highs, best two weeks since june. with the fed out of the way, we turn our attention from housing data and earnings from fedex. >> at&t says preorders for the iphone have broken records. will verizon and sprint say the same? meantime, yahoo! has officially ditched the blackberry, promising iphones and samsungs to all new employees. >>> a report saying netflix is lose key content as early as this week while the stock has a dismal $50 price target. >>> and gm reportedly wants treasury to sell their stake, saying government restrictions on pay and perks hurting his ability to recruit talent. but at what price can the
zone this hour. the gadget is debuting in stores today. welcome to "squawk on the street." i'm carl quintanilla, david faber, it's like new year's eve in many ways. we'll see if we go out positive. the dow continues to ride a 4 1/2 year high. have not had a decline of 1% or more in about three months. some continued news out of europe, as well, continue to read every little tea leave regarding spain and rajoy. we'll talk about that, too. >>> our road map this morning begins in hong kong, paris, now new york city where the iphone 5 goes on sales today. lines are long despite claims about apple's problem maps. >> dow is up eight friday necessary a row. will today make it nine? it's also quadruple witching day. >> earnings in line but revenue is a bit light as hardware sales tumble more than expected. can the company continue to steal shares? >> and define what is troubling other luxury retailers boosting its forecasts. comp stores are up more than 45%. we'll start with the iphone 5. apple's newest iphone finally hits the streets today. the phone is virtually guaranteed to be a best se
morning. welcome to "squawk on the street." i'm melissa lee along with carl quintanilla, jim cramer and david faber live from the new york stock exchange. let's look at this the comments from the ecb president putting futures on a rollercoaster ride, pointing in the up direction right now. 2 at the open s&p. the nasdaq flat at the open. as for the action in europe disappointing data there but we have mixed markets with gains in germany, italy, as well as spain. our road map kicks off with those comments from mario draghi, futures pledging unlimited sterilized bond buying as the ecb meets tomorrow but the blip is short lived. >> maybe more signs of slowing growth. china nmanufacturing data comes in weak. australia's second quarter gdp misses estimates as well. >> fedex adds fuel to the fire, warning for the august quarter blaming a global manufacturing slowdown. it could be the first quarterly decline for the company in three years. >> mark zuckerberg says he will not sell any facebook stock for at least a year as the social giant sets up what is essentially a $2 billion buy back. >>
morning and happy fed day. welcome to "squawk on the street." i'm carl with melissa lee, jim cramer, david faber. markets are awaiting the fed's decision on interest rates this afternoon and in the meantime, chewing on wholesale prices jumped the most in three years. 17 in august. gas prices largely to blame. europe, some losses there centered mostly in spain although italian bond yields coming down sharply. road map is morning begins at the fed. will bernanke give the markets qe3 and how long rates will remain low at the feds press conference today. >> some say it's a significant redesign. others say it's a sleeper. whatever you think of the iphone 5, it's keeping apple shares moving higher. >> number of big downgrades this morning. citi cutting ratings on intel. amd says pcs are losing the battle against tablets and smart phones. >> and a very special guest. the ceo of j. crew. of course, we start this morning with the fed. markets looking to open higher ahead of the fed's late es monetary policy meeting. the fed will announce a decision at 12:15 p.m. eastern time. and this is large lly
. "squawk on the street" begins right now. ♪ ♪ uno, dos >> good morning. i'm melissa lee, carl quintanilla live from the new york stock exchange. let's see how we're setting up this wednesday trading session. a fleury of global headlines including the death of the u.s. ambassador to libya in benghazi. day one of the two-day fed meeting starts today so a lot of waiting and seeing here in the u.s. german constitutional court paving the way for the esm. we see stocks hanging in there at 14-month highs in the european continent. our road map today starts with what could be the most critical tech announcement of the year. we're just hours away from the unveil of the iphone 5. will we get news of a new ipad, too? >> mark zuckerberg says the ipo of facebook is disappointing but they will not make a phone and will enter search at some point. is that enough to turn the stock around? >> now the german constitutional court decision is out of the way, we're waiting for the fed. will it deliver on new qe as stocks hang in here at multi-year highs. >> all the news around apple, in four hours apple's ceo
. i'm carl quintanilla here at the new york stock exchange. we're going to observe a moment of silence in a few moments, but first take a look at futures. a lot of news going on, including this headline. just crossed a couple of minutes ago, moody's warning the u.s. rating may get cut in, in fact, the fiscal clip is not resolved. future still hanging in the green here this morning. as for europe, a lot going on there, as well. we'll get into that later. mixed picture with the ftse down 15 points. >> more signs of a slowdown. a warning sending a chill through luxury retailers, particularly in china. a downgrade of coach putting further pressure on the sector. >>> mcdonald's global sales meets expectations. where were the sales strongest? outside the u.s. and europe. >> only one day to go until the iphone 5 release. could the ieconomy help the u.s. economy? >> and facebook ceo mark zuckerberg going to hit the stage for the first time since the ipo at the tech crunch conference this afternoon. could that be a catalyst for the stock? >>> but getting back to the high-end retailers such as c
. i think there's a lot of people, carl, who were saying, of course, hey, it is obviously the world is slowing. a lot of people say, look, what they're really doing is saying even in this environment we're going to make far more money than we have in the previous downturns if we get it at $6 in earnings, which is well below what they think they can earn. we'll still pay the dividend. i come back and say the acquisition, which they made and a lot of people were critical of, is working. that the synergies are working. that the costs taken out in regards to manufacturing, look, the world is slowing but it is not a disaster. that's why caterpillar is not at 885. >> do you lump this with the warnings from intel and fedex. it is a global company looking at a slowing global company. >> there isn't anything specifically i saw in the cat release that was saying we are not getting it right. this caterpillar is ready for a downturn unlike any other caterpillar we have had. a lot of times caterpillar had terrific numbers in the presentation about how low earnings have been in the slowdown. the
'm carl quintanilla with melissa lee, jim cramer and david faber live at the new york stock exchange. what a morning. already, barely 9:00 on the east coast, we've got mario draghi speaking even as we speak. a slew of data regarding the jobs market in this country. take a look at futures. slightly off the highs, still trying to get some clarity on what exactly draghi is spelling out here, but a good start. we'll see if that's true. meantime, arrows in europe at this hour, mostly positive for most of the morning and still are. ftse is up about 30 point. our road map says enter the draghi, mario draghi who says the bank plans outright monetary transactions. still trying to put some meat on that bone. says that uncertainty is heightened as the central bank also cuts its forecast for 2012. how does this affect your portfolio? >> meanwhile, jobs data in this country, adp says private perils up the most since march and challenger says layoffs at a 20-month low. what does it mean for tomorrow's big jobs number? >> four hours from now in santa monica, california, amazon announced what's expected t
where i'm going to get a better picture of carl? i don't know, man. that is so, so -- can you really best that picture? we'll find out on twitter momentarily. >> we'll watch the stock once again today. meantime over at goldman, retiring as you may know, after 12 years on the job, 22 years on the firm and harvey schwartz has become the new cfo at the end of 2013. schwartz considered to take over when ceo lloyd blankfein will step down. he's helped the firm manage through the crisis and he will become a non-independent director of the board. david, i'll toss this straight to you. what does this mean? what is schwartz like? >> i don't know schwartz particularly well, he's well thought of and respected in the company. as the goldman way he's had a senior role in a lot of different parts of that company. they almost always promote with him for this position. this is a position that's been held for quite some time by mr. viniar, i think it was 12 years as company cfo and he's not going to be easy to replace and always communicated very well and clearly certainly with wall street. many of u
to define which is giving us a better glimpse of the future. carl quintanilla, back to you. >> a split between sentiment among consumers and businesses getting really interesting. >> isn't it? that's the way to look at it. >> yeah right? >> that is exactly the way to look at it. that is why retail sales have leld off. auto sales have held off. one group is positive and the other negative. >> what is tonight? >> itt, new name for me. don't know this. come on. obviously going to flesh it out. sometimes i have repeat ceos. this is a first time. >> a rookie. >> he is a rookie from the show. >> 6:00 and 11:00 p.m. >> yeah. >> speaking of rookies eagles giants sunday night. >> on nbc. i will be there cheering. yes. the eagles. although it's obviously a very touchy time for the team. >> okay. you want to make a call? what is the spread? >> i don't know the spread. you know, it's two or two and a half. it was two and a half midday yesterday. dropped to two. i can never say that i think the eagles are going to lose on air. >> that's right. >> so even though i think they are i can't say it. i me
for years and you know what? i got to tell you, carl, i don't think is set-up is as negative, the european stock market has been right. it's been good. >> and good for some time. you have pointed that out. i always say what about the bond market. of course, and we see yields below that key 7%. we like to talk about that as a psychological barrier and they like to maybe tan one. we'll be watching that closely. also seeing on the frobt of "the new york times," it's not necessarily a new story, but it does have the tendency to exacerbate fears. that is capital flight out of europe over all. not just spain, but over all. interesting report by the way from nimora this morning. euro zone, the spanish problem, that is cited as well today by a number of publications, so that's also going to be a focus. >> and this is a time where i have been saying santana, bva. when they're up, i always feel like capital flight may be a sensation or that there's a plap. i think one of the things we have to focus on is we think there's a plan. we think there's something. everyone keeps saying there's a plan. you k
. >> good morning, carl. do you invest in apple or in gold? we're going to talk about the modern day gold rush up 11% but apple is up 72, 73% to date. we're also going to look at lennar that continues to perform. back to you. >> thanks a lot. let's get to six stocks in 60 seconds. we'll start with u.s. steel. citi taking it to a hold? >> this used to be a great stock. you don't have good demand. >> off the pick list at citi as well? >> they raised their price target. give me a break. >> mahaney does it with google. >> you would have thought they would have been dinged by the map. >> demand fears that bowing is overblown? >> the ceo no one seems to care that the fiscal cliff. >> we're going to get earnings this week for accenture. >> i think it's a tail wind. >> and decker, they say stay away. >> okay. we have zillow. letter z. remember, it's a company on fire and people are worried that the quarter wasn't that good. let's find out tonight by david jaffe. >> thank you, jim cramer. >>> when we come back, the iphone 5 sales number is lower than expected but is the street overreacting? we're
on the street" next. >>> good morning. welcome to "squawk on the street." i'm melissa lee along with carl quintanilla. let's get you started. it looks like another drift lower. keep in mind we saw lower fractions. that's what i mean by drift when i say drift lower. take a look at the action over in europe. stocks continue to move further away from 14-month highs. the concern today that perhaps spain will not, in fact, seek a bailout. so our roadmap this morning starts with yet another warning from fedex, the shipping giant blaming a slow global economy. but is this a macroissue or consumers no longer paying extra for express service. >> apple did it. expectations still high as preorders for the iphone 5 cross 2 million. >> prices on "squawk box" this morning, speaking of which, what was up with oil's mysterious decline yesterday and is it bad for confidence. >> ford is being called the most important model in decades for that company. we're going to be hearing from the ceo alan mulally. fedex states the q1 results are below its own exec sagss saying weak global conditions damped growth. m
stock exchange. carl quintanilla is in san antonio preparing for a very important interview on this very big day. carl? >> hey, melissa. obviously a lot of reaction from the gop expected later on this morning as we got the jobs number. 96,000, as you point out, 8.3% down to 8.1%. the big question will be what is politically more potent? the payroll number or the unemployment rate? if we have time, we hope to get the vice presidential candidate on bernanke, on the likelihood of q.e. 3, on the deficit, on what obama and clinton said earlier this week at the dnc. a lot to get to. but a lot more corporate news in addition to job this is morning. i know you guys have that covered top to bottom. >> we look forward to that interview. we want to get you caught up on where the futures markets are standing. we had a big global rally. here we have the futures markets have pared their gains. keep in mind that the dow had closed at the highest levels in many years here, since december '07. holding on to some gains here. s&p 500 looking at 2.5 at the hope. as for the picture over in europe, holding on
the controversy going on between carl icahn and navistar about new management? >> i'm torn about this, numerous red flag articles about navistar and the technology problems and balance sheet problems, but i've also made a lot of money by recommending stocks with carl icahn. what do i have to say? i say -- >> don't buy, don't buy -- >> caught in the middle, cross-fire, i step away, not going to opine navistar. too hard. make in new york, mike. >> caller: boo-yah, mr. cramer. >> boo-yah. >> caller: i know you suggest making gold part of your portfolio. >> indeed. >> caller: september is usually a good month to do it. >> right. >> caller: but with gold up the last month and couple of months and the expectation of easing by the fed and china and eu already sort of baked in and there's still no inflation expectations, my question is, do the recent weaknesses in the markets in china and india make this a good chance to short gold? >> no, because it's hard to find. we talked about it last night. there's not enough money out there trying to find gold. we've got a limited supply, strong demand, china in
on the street." >>> good morning, welcome to "squawk on the street." i'm melissa lee along with carl quintanilla and simon hobbs live from the new york stock exchange. we'll take a look at how we're setting up on u.s. futures, this the day after the s&p posted its worst drop in about three months. we are looking higher on the dow jones industrial average but lower on the s&p 500 and nasdaq. we're taking your cue this morning from what is going on in europe. we are watching protests going in both spain as well as greece. red arrows across the board. take a look at the decline in germany, down about 1.9% this morning. our road map does start off in europe. opening the way to possibly declare independence. bond yields will approach 6%. in greece, tens of thousands protest austerity measures there. >> stocks closed yesterday at the lows of the session. these comments from plosser, also throwing more cold water on the qe-3 rally. >>> goldman sachs raising estimates on the heels of a blackberry jam conference. apple, meantime, continuing under pressure this morning. >>> athens this morning, madrid, la
otherwise not be worth your time or more importantly your money. carl in new jersey. carl. >> caller: boo-yah to you, jim, from the garden state. >> i love the garden state. the garden state mall is terrific, too, for the record. what's up? >> caller: i have a question. how do you differentiate between a seasonal rally and a long-term bull market? >> all right. a seasonal rally -- my experience has been that the concept of seasonal rallies is outmoded. used to be summer rally, santa claus rally, a rally, rally, rally. if they are based on fundamentals it's real. if they are based on short squeezes they are not. i try to distinguish between the two every night on "mad money." randy in my not home state of nebraska. randy. >> caller: big boo-yah -- midwest boo-yah to you, jimbo. >> i love it. what's up? >> caller: two-part question for you. what's the difference between day trading and after hours trading and if a stock makes a big move up in after hours trading is that an indicator to sell? >> day trading is a guy trying to get in and out. it's called being flat at the end of the day meani
improve. we like it higher. >> megapop for navstar. >> you think carl is back to break even yet? i don't think so. carl icon and raskky added to their stakes, and they're going to explore their noncore businesses, which i'm sure they're being encouraged to do by both of those two big activist investors. it brings the stock back to the low 20s. it's got to get significantly higher or both these guys are going to remain under water. >> drop for wag, down 2%. >> yeah, walgreens still feeling the fallout from their express scrips disagreement. by tri care said they won't have walgreens in network. that's not so good for walgreens. very good for cvs. >> and a pop here for the hula hoop. more than 1,000 people participated in thailand's first ever national hula hoop competition. they held the event in an effort to prevent fitness. turns out it's very good exercise. who knew? contestants had to keep their hoops constantly swinging for more than 30 minutes. notice guy is not here today. that's all i'll say. pop for sears, up 9%. >> was up 9%. i think their losses weren't as wide as feared. thi
talked to carl, mitt romney has not said a thing about investors in this. not one single thing, he just has not even addressed it. i once asked him about the stock market interview and he said it's because the stock markets are rising, but he doesn't address the investor class, and it's getting better, and investors may not do what they're supposed to two. are your ads going to go to investors? you got six, seven weeks? >> i think what 1yu7bd lies that i think is a really important contrast that mitt romney and the rest of us need to make which is between barack obama who believes that the way that you create growth in this country is by growing government and creates more government investments versus mitt romney who does understand how jobs are created and that it's done by unleashing the power of the private sector. the current o'clock pant of the white house wants to raise their taxes to pay for these vision of a much larger government. >> why aren't you talk about that? i know you're distinct from the campaign. i agree with the point you just made, the capital gains tax is going to
on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet? >>> tonight, my guy carl quintanilla's got a "crime inc." on medical insurance fraud. serious business that can put your money and your life in danger. don't miss it. didn't talk enough about the new apple iteration. you need to know that i will get it. i think it sounds great. i'm obviously not alone. it is sweeping the nation.
in just about an hour. we're already seen the report from senator carl levin. a democrat. head of the senate permanent subcommittee on investigations. senator levin said that he found significant abuses inside many american companies. >> multi-nationals have avoided billions of dollars in taxes using these offshore gimmicks. they have benefited greatly. but these loopholes and abuses exact a tremendous cost. >> reporter: there are two companies in the crosshairs today. first is microsoft. senate report saying from 2009 to 2011 microsoft was able to shift offshore nearly $21 billion or almost half its u.s. retail sales net revenue saving up to $4.5 billion in taxes on goods sold in the united states. we talked to microsoft. here's what they told us. they say, microsoft has a complex business and we must comply with the complicated tax code of the united states, resulting in an exceedingly complex tax structure. second company in the crosshairs here today is going to be hewlett-packa hewlett-packard. the senate committee saying since at least 2008, hp has used billions of dollars
vice presidential candidate paul ryan exclusively. he spoke with carl quintanilla on "squawk on the street" earlier this morning and gave his reaction to the latest jobs data. let's listen. >> 8.1 this month means 43 months above 8%. remember when the president promised that he would prevent unemployment from getting above 8% if we passed the stimulus package? it's not been below 8% since then. making the predictions passing the stimulus, they said that unemployment down like at 5.4% today. this is just another example of lots of promises and lofty rhetoric made. >> all right. let's listen in again to president obama speaking in new hampshire. >> let's go ahead and get that done. let's get it done now. and by the way, if the republicans are serious about being concerned about joblessness, we could create a million new jobs right now if congress would pass the jobs plan that i sent to them a year ago. jobs for teachers. jobs for construction workers. jobs for folks looking for work for a long time. we can do that. but i need your help, new hampshire. i need your voices. you se
.4% nearly after carl eicahn issued a letter. i have a mesh an for the board, my cons are not threats, they are demands i take seriously in light of the investment, a 349 million investment, as should you, says icahn in light of your fiduciary obligations. goes on to talk about the history of and a half advice star and standing his ground here. >>> on the last day of the year, a slate of tax cuts expires, as you probably know, spending cuts automatically triggered unless there is a deal. they call it sequestration, fancy word. capitol hill reacting by playing the blame game. john harwood on the case. hi, john. >> hi, tyler. the question is soon about when you deal with the fiscal cliff and what constitutes soon. as of now, between now and the election, all you canposturing, we heard from republicans and democrats today. here is speaker john boehner. >> i'm not confident at all. listen, the house has done its job on both the sequester around on the looming tax hikes that will cost our economy some 700,000 jobs. the senate at some point has to act. and on both of these, where's the pres
ahead of the fed, which by the way is coming up next. let's get to the halftime and back at hq. >>> carl, thanks so much. welcome to a special edition of halftime just 15 minutes way from what's likely to be a make it or break it moment for the rally. here's what where we stand right now. stocks moving ahead. take a look at the dow. nasdaq higher as well on this very big day. there are the big faces that we're going to hear from later on. bill gross, barry napolitano and others standing by for cnbc's special fed coverage. and the fallout from iphone five which iphone rolled out yesterday. first our top story. you know what it is. your money. we're all here to break it down. josh brown, i'm going to you first. this is a rally that has existed largely because of the expectation of more action from the fed. is it coming today and if it doesn't happen, what does it mean for the rally? >> so wall street's strategists are like 76% thinking something happens this week. i think that number upticks substantially on the heels of the lackluster jobs report but now is where we get into a little bit
. >>> and carl, thanks so much. welcome to halftime, four hours to go until the close. and here's where we stand. we are in the green across the boards. take a look at the dow, 13,349, and s&p and nasdaq playing along today, as well. here's what we're following on "halftime" today, zuckerberg goes public, did facebook's face deliver? is it time to deliver the stock? >>> and is qe-3 coming? and what will it mean for the rally? but first, our top story, less than one hour to go until apple unveils its highly anticipated iphone 5. the stock keeps going higher, but are expectations growing too high for america's most loved company? we're trading all of these stories with pete najarian, joe ts teranova. is it going to pull back? >> well, there's a chance of it. i mean, if you're looking at the options right now. the options are signaling people are expecting a big move. look at the volatility of options that expires tomorrow, by the way, and you're expecting about, call it a $19 move right now in that stock based on what we're going to see today. what are we going to see today? do we not know what th
at the turn. carl icahn taking aim at navistar. he says he'll proceed with a proxy fight if management doesn't shape up. steve weiss, a little battle is brewing. >> it is. it is. stephanie and i were just talking. there's new management there. the ceo left. there's somebody new running the company. what people lose sight of is this is not a new position for icahn. he's built it up. he was in the stock before things really, really fell apart. i don't think this one's going to work out that well. if i were him i'd work in conjunction with one of his ex-partners who owns a similar chunk of stock and quietly get the company sold. they have between the two of them almost 30%. if it's worth something there should be a buyer coming in. >> buy the stock in hopes that happens? >> no. i don't buy stocks purely because i think they're going to get taken out. to me that's the play. if you're willing to make that bet, do it. fundament ams are not good. fundamentals for the company aren't good and fundamentals in the industry with engine sales declining versus expectations just aren't good. i'd stay away.
and the "fast money" halftime. >>> carl, thanks so much, welcome in to "halftime." here's where we stand, up and down day thus far on wall street. yeah, slightly in the red as we follow the major averages. dow down about 2 points, s&p and nasdaq also negative. here's what we're following on "halftime." does a $700 price target tag mean that the company should finally split its stock? and gold 2,400, why the qe infinity rally is just getting started for precious metals. but first, our top story, and that's the tug of war between the bulls and bears. are stocks setting up for a big pullback? let's get some answers from the najarian brothers, mike murphy, and guy adami. how about it, pete, you've been bullish, apple keeps rolling, are stocks going to pull back? >> and obviously you mentioned apple. there's a lot of reasons we've had this push to 1,460. when you look at the options market right now, that's been the tell for us. and when you look at the volatility index, that's the implied volatile measure of the s&p 500. that's been coming back, as well. staying well below even that 15 level. an
sheet gives you some protection. we have an activist here. >> we do. >> i love activists. >> carl should be worried. we have the activist investor. 7% steak. we're talking about the clinton group and greg will join us to make the case on what they can do and respond to some of the company's allegations that there's no plan on deck and also that the clinton group is a short-term self-interested investor. we'll get the low down on that straight ahead. meantime, one of the dollar stores raking in the dollars. all of the trades big movers. that is next. we'll hear the activists agit e agitating for change. small stock but this could see some pretty big moves. stay tuned. sometimes investing opportunities are hard to spot. you have to dig a little. fidelity's etf market tracker shows you the big picture on how different asset classes are performing, and it lets you go in for a closer look at areas within a class or sector that may be bucking a larger trend. i'm stephen hett of fidelity investments. the etf market tracker is one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity.
now. >> all right carl. thanks so much. welcome to the halftime report. here is what we're following on the show today. zuckerberg friends shareholders. the facebook founder is not selling. should you be buying? and china, correction or crash? a dire prediction for that country's economy and stock market. and what it means to your investments. we're trading all of the big movers today with pete najarian, john najarian, simon baker and steve grasso. our top story the market's moment of truth. investors bracing for big news from draghi, bernanke, on friday's jobs report. pete najarian the next seven days could very well decide whether this market takes a leg up, a leg down, how do you see it? are you as bullish as you've been? >> i continue to be bullish and here is why. when i look at the volatility index we remain on the lower end. yesterday we did move up toward the 19 level. we pulled off of that level. we continue to see the financials trade very, very nicely. you look at the xlf. it remains well above the 15 level. financials stayed strong. pharmaceuticals remain strong. obviousl
. let's get to headquarters and "fast money" halftime. >> carl, thanks so much. welcome to "halftime," four hours to go until the close. here's where we stand on the street. the dow at the highest level since december 2007. after taking a breather yesterday, stocks having a pretty good day at the noon hour right now. here's the dow up 83 points. the other markets following suit as well. here's what we're following on halftime today. all eyes on apple. iphone 5 rolls out tomorrow. how big will it be? can it take the stock even higher? burberry's buzz kill. they warn we trade the fallout and coach and tiffany and other leading names. first, zuckerberg goes public. facebook's founder in the spotlight today. he can turn around the stock and his company's image? we're trading all of these stories with mike murphy and brian kelly. john, i go you to first. you've been the most outspoken on this issue. what does zuckerberg need to say today? >> i'd love to hear anything from him, scott, quite frankly. positive about the company. last week we had that anlist that analyst said the exact things
carl says, they'll print money. and when they print money, you better own silver or rice or a real he is set. >> joining us is ben liechtenstein. i don't know if you caught that, but a couple of our european guests are pretty cautious on the attractiveness of u.s. equities. you look at the tone this morning, are you surprised there's in the administer of a positive attitude now that people are talking about qe-3? >> well, not really. recently obviously bad has been good for the most part. we saw that on friday with the weaker than expected jobs data, but we saw a bit of activity for the most part or lack of a selloff if you will. but i think what we're dealing with right now headed in to this morning is weak than expected import and export data out of china and just a little bit of weight at the top. 1335 level on the s&p is a difficult level to get through. we've exhibited an enormous amount of energy to get up to the level. the question traders have, is this a top or a double top area. and certainly i have to agree with the argument that if we start to see stocks coming off and we s
cramer and david faber live from the new york stock exchange. carl quintanilla has the day off. let's take a look at how we're getting you started. edging off the multi-year highs hitting friday, dow looking to give up 30 points at the open. s&p giving up 2.50. we have red arrows across the board except for the ftse. this monday roadmap starts off with the multi-year highs we saw in stocks, pushed higher by multi-year highs on the likes of apple, google, procter & gamble and wells fargo. >> concerns about china grow deeper. imports and factory output were disappointing. could it mean more stimulus is on the way? >> the u.s. treasury slashing its stake in aig, becoming a minority shareholder for the first time since the financial crisis again. what it means for you, the taxpayer, in just a moment. we have to start with the markets, coming off a week in which the s&p 500 settled at its highest level since january 2008, the s&p and nasdaq posting their best weekly gains in three months. and the dow logging its best week since july 27th. friday's weaker than expected jobs report. >> you
's carl's dog. more rat than dog really. >> lucky is really cute. >> we'll get some e-mails. there he is. there's lucky. >> in a new york apartment, that's a big dog. right? based on your living space, it takes up more than a german shepherd would p. >> i'm thinking about adopting a squirrel. >> and putting a little leash on it. let's take a look at the futures because it is the last trading day of the month. you'll see right now that the futures are down about 12 points, s&p 500 down about 1.8. and if you turn to see what happened in europe because obviously europe has been leading us around again for the last several days, in europe you do see green arrows both in london and germany. shanghai the market up by 1.4%, nikkei down by 79 points. oil prices the other big story that we've been following all week long. this morning they're up 43 cents to 92.28. i don't know if you saw the story on cnbc yesterday about how an oil trader who was drunk a couple years ago back in 2009 was the reason that prices spiked overnight. he blacked out and didn't realize he broke 7 million contracts or som
and the heads of people trying to invest and see the future. >> well, i know carl -- i don't think he's gotten over that you got redford and he got dustin hoffman. you're better than looking than red ford. >> you have no idea how many women i've disappointed. >> well, you though what, that will be our sound bite that we take from this. i don't think you've ever acknowledged that. thanks, bob. >> no, i've acknowledged that. >> bob woodward, thank you. the book the price of politics. we appreciate you being with us. next time we'd love to have you on the program back in new york of course. we have to give him a squawk book award. >> we should. >> if you have any comments or questions about anything we've been talking about here, e-mail us at and make sure you bring something sweet to the office this morning. it is international chocolate day. of course if white chocolate is more your speed, you'll have to wait until the 22nd. that is the day the national confectioners association has named in observance of that sweet. and in the next hour, we'll find out why phil purcell says bre
. welcome to "squawk on the street." i'm carl quintanilla along with melissa lee. david faber. jim cramer is off today. a slew of data today. jobless claims were decent, down 26,000. a miss on durables, although there are some internal factors there. also revised second quarter gdp, although those numbers are almost three months old. europe, a lot of speculation around the globe about what the chinese central bank may or may not do next week as we've got
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